Cowen’s Coyote (approx 3 1/2” in length)

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The coyote was designed as a fly fishermen’s “roadrunner lure”. The roadrunner is nothing more then a bucktail jig with a spinner blade used to attract fish by way of sound vibrations. It was by far and away the most effective lure I had ever used (pre-fly fishing days). The coyote has been my #1 searching pattern when I am fishing for any game fish that is not visible. It has caught stripers, albies, bonito, weakfish, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, redfish, tarpon, speckled trout, snook as well as all fresh water bass species.

Cowen’s Coyote (approx 3 1/2” in length)

Hook Tiemco 811S (size #1)
Thread Danville mono (size .006 fine)
Eyes Real Eyes (size medium) w/ prismatic stick on (silver w/black pupil)
Braid Flat body braid (pearl)
Mono Spike 40lb test
Body White zonker
Wing Bucktail (either chartreuse, olive over hot pink, grey over lavender or blue over chartreuse)
Flash Krystal flash (pearl)
Barrel Swivel Size #12 (black)
Split Ring Size #0 (nickel)
Spinner Blade Size #00 (Hammered Colorado style in either gold or nickel)


The Coyote is available through retailers that carry flies from Umpqua Feather Merchants


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