Cowen's Magnum Baitfish

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This fly using Icelandic sheep held the 20 lb class tippet world record for striped bass (36+ lbs) for many years. The newer version of flash-n-slinky (synthetic) recently took the women’s 20 lb class tippet world record for striped bass (27+ lbs).

Cowen’s Magnum Baitfish (approx 8” in length)         

Hook Tiemco 600SP (size 4/0)
Thread Danville mono (size .006 fine)
Eyes Epoxy 3-D (size #8 silver w/black pupil)
Weight Lead wire (size .035 wrapped around hook shank)
Braid Flat body braid (pearl)
Underbelly White Flash-N-Slinky
Wing Olive Flash-N-Slinky over lavender (bunker) or royal blue Flash-N-Slinky over pink (herring)
Throat Fluoro Fibre (hot pink)
Glue Soft Tex used off of bend in hook to prevent fouling


NOTE: The Magnum Baitfish (bunker color) has taken two line class striped bass IGFA world records (one of which is current).

The Magnum Baitfish is available through retailers that carry flies from Umpqua Feather Merchants


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