Cowen's Bonefish Scampi

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Hook Type: Mustad 3407 or 34007 (or equiv.)
Thread: 6/0 Pale Pink (for pink/tan version) or Orange (for tan fly)
Tail: Pearl Mylar Braid
Body: Pearl Mylar Braid palmered around hook
Underwing: Tan zonker strip
Overwing: Shrimp or Pale Pink Polar Fibre (or Lt. Gold Craft Fur)
Veil: Pearl Krystal Flash
Eyes: Medium bead chain or extra small lead dumb bell

Cowen’s Bonefish Scampi (approx 1 ½” to 2 ½” in length depending on hook size)

Hook Tiemco 811S (sizes #2-8)
Thread Ultra 210 Denier (florescent orange for tan scampi and pink for pink/tan scampi)
Eyes Chrome bead chain (small for sizes 4-8) or Small lead dumb bell (sizes 2-4)
Braid Pearl Mylar (small)
Body Tan zonker
Wing Polar Fibre (shrimp for tan colored scampi or pink for pink/tan colored scampi)
Flash Krystal flash (pearl)


The Bonefish Scampi is available through retailers that carry flies from Umpqua Feather Merchants


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